The holidays can be hard …

When you have to say goodbye to cuties like this little guy.

Nick and I spent nearly a week at his parent’s farm in Brown County, doing what close-knit families do best — game playing, joking, hanging out, oh yeah, unwrapping a few gifts too. (We also shared a few memories over a bottle of wine and a roaring fire when, upon returning from Christmas Eve service, we came home to a house that had no power for four hours!)

It’s rough because as someone who is fortunate to see her own siblings so frequently with just an hour car trip north, I know it can be hard on Nick and his siblings — who are spread far and wide — to have to cram as much bonding time as they can into the span of just a few days.

These power sessions of course mean I have to take as many photos as I can of nieces and nephews, Isaac here no exception.

Little buddy, I’m not sure when we’ll make it down to South Carolina next, but I’m looking forward to holding you with sand between my toes and I know your Uncle Nick is too.

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